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            A warm welcome to our website www.AamhiMaratha.com. Aamhi maratha matrimony is a very new and fresh website to cater the modern needs and to meet all requiremnts of new generation. As the world has gone global and hence the expectation for the lifepartners are also not the same as before anymore. We are committed for finding the best matrimonial match and thus helping you in finding your soul mate .
          The foundation for Aamhi maratha Matrimony is laid by Late Mr. Bhikaji Pol who was one of the renowned social activist in pune and gramin area. He was a part of arranging many marriages and hence inspired us to launched this website for the welfare of the society.He lived 104 years and till his last year he was scocially active in the society and the community. Aamhi maratha matrimony was founded by Mrs. Alka Pol under the able guidance of Mr. Laxman pol another social worker and with the help of Lata sachin Pol and the other 4 members of the family. As the saying goes "Marriages are made in heaven which we solemnize on earth " and to facilitate this occassion we AamhiMaratha.com are working sice 2015. We thank you for choosing us and been given the opportunity we specialize in.